About Us

Blockchaincap.io is an actively managed crypto asset fund with a portfolio of digital assets that offers our investors exposure to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and other Altcoins that provide access to blockchain technology – a hyper-growing industry that offers a superior, quick, and inexpensive way of moving money and exchanging assets at low costs, fast and without risks to the counterparty.

Our team is made up of a network of advisors, miners, and cryptocurrency traders; all of them knowledgeable entrepreneurs who are leaders in this rapidly moving industry.

At Blockchaincap.io, we put in place a precise strategy, which ranges from long-term investment to short-term trading. When it comes to the investment strategy, we identify exclusive projects that offer solutions for the market with applications that have real use in the world, an expert team in charge of development and robust fundamentals.

The investment strategy used by the fund will first be implemented through three principal methodologies:

  1. Long-term buy and hold.
  2. Mid-term trading based on fundamental information and technical trends.
  3. Short-term day trading.


Investing in crypto currency is still a novelty and is not well understood by many people. Our expertise allows us to actively manage a portfolio of diverse crypto currencies. Our main focus is in long-term investment, because we believe that blockchain technology will grow and become the way we live and trade in the near future.


We analyze the market of crypto currency on a 24/7 basis. We generate fundamental and technical analyses. We follow trends and keep up-to-date with all breaking developments.


We offer cold storage with multi-signature that are safe kept in the most important banks in the US for the safety of our crypto currencies, as a way of protecting the funds from unauthorized access.


We manage a diversified portfolio that consists of many different crypto currencies. This allows us to effectively reduce the volatility that sometimes occurs in this market.


An independent third party Fund Administrator executes the funds and investors’ financial needs. It is constantly monitoring the movements and wealth of the fund to guarantee its solvency.



We protect our investors’ portfolios regardless of what takes place in the market. We use our knowledge of encryption to safely guard and secure the funds. We constantly monitor market conditions and make small adjustments in the portfolios as needed, but we stick to our long-term strategies based of economic fundamentals. We are dedicated to our long-term approach in order to avoid short-term events from hindering our performances overtime.


It is your right to know how and where your money is being invested. Throughout the process, we provide transparency by giving you clear explanations and analysis. We are sure you will feel confident in your portfolio’s security and the thought process that goes into our asset allocation strategy.


We have a specialized approach to alternatives, which was developed to potentially make your entire portfolio more secure. Our meticulous process can help you reach greater returns, while mitigating risk.


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